My latest article, “Practicing (State) Capitalism at Petrobras and Rosneft,” is available online now at the International Journal of Public Administration. You can download the article without paywall here.

The article is part of the special issue on The Rise of State Capitalism that I co-edited with Miklós Szanyi of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. You can read our introduction to the special issue here.

I am thrilled to be joining Oberlin College & Conservatory as Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics. In Fall 2021, I will teach The Politics of Oil and Post-Soviet Politics. In the Spring, I am offering Queer Comparative Politics, Theater and Politics, and a proseminar about the role of identity in capitalism called Corporate Citizens and Shareholder States.

On May 14, 2021, I joined the PONARS Eurasia panel “Economic Challenges Facing Russia and Eurasia” with my co-author Sarah Sokhey to discuss our ongoing survey research about rentierism and Russian social policy. You can view the livestream on PONARS Eurasia’s facebook page.

Хорошие новости! Our article, “Governing through stolichnaya praktika: Housing renovation from Moscow to the regions,” is out in the March 2021 issue of Geoforum! The paper is available for download here.

For German-language readers, a short version of the article is now available in Issue no. 399  of Russland-Analysen under the title Stolitschnaja Praktika: Das Moskauer Wohnraumsanierungsprogramm soll auf die Regionen ausgedehnt werden.

Khrushchevki apartment buildings in Moscow, 2019. Photo credit: D. Zupan.

You can reach me at amandazadorian [at]